About Us

With origins dating back to 1993 on the brink of the technology boom as a small "garage" outfit called MC Technologies, Advanced Research, Ltd. began it's new life as of January 2, 1999. Since then we have helped hundreds of businesses solve their Information Technology problems.

We strive to provide complete solutions and total service in the computing arena: hardware, software, networking, Internet, consulting, programming, and everything in between. No more having to guess at who to call for a technical problem or to embark on a new project. One call is all you need to make.

Our staff is not only highly qualified, but we're friendly and attentive to your needs. That alone is one of our founding missions. Nobody likes to see customers treated poorly by a vendor, but yet so many companies do just that to the people that keep them in business.

Our goal is to be certain of what you need before we propose it. We will never try to sell you something you don't need, nor will we sell you something that is overkill just to make an extra buck. We strive to provide the perfect solution with the best value.

Whether you are a single PC small business or a Fortune 500 conglomerate, the next time you have a technological need, think of Advanced Research, Ltd.


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